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Pengusaha Muda Sukses Indonesia - Reza Nurhilman (AXL)

Successful leaders take advantage of marketing through Social Media
Owner Biodata Maicih:
1.      Name                                      :Reza Nurhilman
2.      Nick Name                             : Axl
3.      Date of birt                             : New York, 29 September 1987
4.     Address                                   : Jl.Padaringan 40 A, Complex KPAD, Gegerkalong, Bandung
5.       Education                             : SMPN 1 Cimahi 2002, SMAN 2 Bandung 2005, Univ. Kristen Maranatha , Jur  Manajemen 2009
Product Profile :
1.      Spicy cassava chips (level 3,5,10)
2.      Baso Fried
3.      Gurilem
4.     Selbak
Initial Business:

· Beginning in mid-2010
· With a capital of 15 million
· Production of 50 packs per day
· Variants start out chips and gurilem
· Producing level 1 to level 5
· Marketed the way around

Maicih Present

· Make up to level 10 variants
· Demand is very high consumer
· Production capacity up to now 2000 packs / day
· Turnover per month 800-900 million (± 30 jt / day)
· Have 20's generals as a marketer
· Marketing in Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, etc. through general
· Production Employee owned the 30's

The key to success in business is done Axl lies in how he thinks "out of the box". it turns out it does prove effective with his current venture deeply into the subject of conversation among young people. People are curious to try out what it maicih, heralded people on twitter. Axl successful societal because thanks to his perseverance and confidence in business he would run. Being successful is the duty and right of every person. Critical success might not come alone, but through a persistent struggle to give up. A failure is very reasonable, the failure does not mean he's being a total failure, but in fact there is wisdom behind all of that is success.

Marketing strategy

This is the point where done with maicih successful marketing strategies out of the box. Axl use technology today is a media twitter and Facebook. Axl accidentally membuatn exclusive product for people curious. He did not open a store like most sellers, but sold by the media using twitter as the location where the general information (agents) maicih hung peddle wares.
one that makes it unique from Maicih is a name or term that is thrown Maicih management when communicating with customers and potential customers through Twitter. There's "Mother" (grandmother) for making crisps Maicih and "grandson" to consumers. Then, there is a "General" for resellers, "Icihers" slang term Maicih fans, "Republican Maicih" to management, to the term "tericih-icih" to describe Maicih addicted to spiciness.
Through social networking, Axl tries to create issues or word of mouth (WOM). One of them, the level of spiciness chips. "The chips that we offer has a different level of spiciness. Starting from level one to five, and straight to level 10 the highest level of spiciness, "he continued.
In May 2011, the exact date is 07 May 2011 maicih seblak newest product launch, a kind of spicy crackers flat, with variants of different levels. Axl will continue its innovation but does not leave the hallmark raised snack to class and lower class people interested. The possibility of the future will emerge other products are more innovative anymore.

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